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Mar 29, 2008
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Improvements v6.2.0
  • Updated Cobra data to 7.55 in all supported CFW​
  • Improved disable syscalls option​
  • Removed syscalls patch modes​
  • Removed IDs patch mode​
  • Improved Cobra hash fix​
  • Patch syscalls/IDs/XMB option is now firmware independant (Plugin too)​
  • Fixed randomly crash while disabling syscalls​
  • Removed flag files from SEN Plugin​
  • Added patch IDs on startup in SEN Plugin​
  • Added disable syscalls on startup in SEN Plugin​
  • Added patch files source option in SEN Plugin (USB/Internal HDD)​
  • SEN Plugin updated to v3.33​
  • Improved code​

New version 6.2.0 released after one month of hard work and a lot of tests in all supported CFW, this time i tested it myself in CEX and DEX.


The most important update is about Cobra, all SEN Enabler's Cobra stages have been updated to 7.55 and uploaded to my
Bu linki görmek için izniniz yok Giriş yap veya üye ol.
account, feel free to download or update it and thanks to everyone involved updating Cobra. :clap:

PS3/PSX/PSP/PS2 ISOs must work without issues, if PS2 ISOs doesn't work with old/new stage2 maybe you need to update ps2_emu.self, ps2_gxemu.self, ps2_netemu.self, ps2gxemu_stage2.bin and ps2hwemu_stage2.bin, here are the files, just choose the ones corresponding to your version:
Bu linki görmek için izniniz yok Giriş yap veya üye ol.

Cobra hash fix option will install the appropriate stage2 to the current FW version, check Cobra data and fix all current hashes.

SEN Enabler uses Cobra stage for the following CFWs:
  • 4.46 CEX​
  • 4.50 DEX​
  • 4.53 CEX​
  • 4.53 REBUG CEX/DEX​
  • 4.55 CEX​
  • 4.65 CEX/DEX​
  • 4.65 REBUG CEX/DEX​
  • 4.66 CEX​
  • 4.70 CEX/DEX​
  • 4.70 REBUG CEX/DEX​
  • 4.75 CEX/DEX​
  • 4.75 REBUG CEX/DEX​
  • 4.76 CEX/DEX​
  • 4.78 CEX​
  • 4.78 REBUG CEX/DEX​
  • 4.80 CEX​
  • 4.80 REBUG CEX/DEX​
  • 4.81 CEX​
  • 4.81 REBUG CEX/DEX​
  • 4.82 CEX​
  • 4.83 CEX​

Syscalls/IDs/XMB Modes

Patch syscalls/IDs/XMB modes are now firmware independant, you can use it on newer CFW without waiting to new version with support, but CFW spoof and all related will be unavailable until i add support to avoid issues.

Syscall and IDs patch modes have been removed, they are unnecessary.

SEN Enabler Plugin

SEN Enabler plugin is now completely firmware independant, all options will work in any version.

Syscall and IDs patch modes have been removed too, and replaced with Patch IDs on startup and Disable syscalls on startup, these options works with Patch files, it depends on the option chosen will search in USB or internal HDD, with HDD option will search in /dev_hdd0/game/NPEA90124/USRDIR for ConsoleID.txt, MAC.txt and PSID.txt, you can import these files with Import patch filesoption in SEN Enabler settings menu (Page 2).

Flag files have been removed too, with the new two options are more than enough.

Remember to use Charles Proxy now along with SEN Enabler and block three URLs (you can add more if you want), this software will minimize ban risk, but a ban is not 100% avoided on CFW
Block all these URLs on Charles or similar:​



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